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Who was your FIRST kiss?:

Do you believe that you have already met the ONE?:

Have you ever come into FIRST place for anything?:
ich glaube nicht.

Would you like to be the ONLY child?:
bin ich :p

Name TWO of your phobias.:
spinnen. windräder.

Who are your TWO best friends?:
melli und farina.

Would people say that you dance like you have TWO left feet?: nah.

What THREE things would you save in a fire?:
schlange. tagebücher. platten.

What are your top THREE favorite dance songs?:
carrion. der empress club track. cbptmk.

Who was your teacher in FOURTH grade?:
frau doktor schulte.

What were you doing at FOUR pm yesterday?:

Have you ever owned FOUR pets at the same time?:
najo... drei fische und meinen neus :D

Where did you spend your FIFTH birthday?:
keine ahnung. bestimmt bei meiner oma.

When's the last time you held a FIVE dollar bill?:
als ich das letzte mal in amerika war.

What are FIVE unique characteristics/markings on your body?:
piercings. tattoo. augen. haare. zahnlücke. große hände.

What's a project you did in SIXTH grade?:
die kuh.

Do you know anyone who's birthday is on the SIXTH?:
domi und kim haben am 6.12.

What do you think of the movie the SIXTH sense?:
tolles ende

Which of the SEVEN deadly sins are you most guilty of?:
hochmut, wollust, zorn, neid :D

Name SEVEN of the ten commandments.:
du sollst dir kein bildnis von gott machen. du sollst nicht falsch zeugnis quatschen. du sollst nicht begehren deines nächsten haus, frau und vieh. du sollst nicht ehebrechen. du sollst niemanden umbringen. du sollst den namen des herrn nicht mißbrauchen. mehr weiß ich grad nicht.

What's the best memory you have of 2007?:
phantasialand mit lea. diverse bzre abende.

Who did you take to your EIGHTH grade dance?:
hä? :D

What will you be doing on the EIGHTH of this month?:
der war schon. das war nen samstag, wo ich bestimmt auf party war.

Are you scared of spiders? (They have EIGHT legs):
yep :S

What's something you couldn't go NINE days without doing?:
auto fahren. steve küssen. kater kuscheln. musik hören. blödsinn labern.

Who was your crush at NINE?: da hab ich noch mit barbies gespielt.

Was it hard to fit in in NINTH grade?:
19.8.09 12:33


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